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Capitalism,  The Way to a World of Peace and Plenty


The Greatest Opportunity in Human History

After the failure of communism and socialism late in the 20th century, democratic and authoritarian countries alike were moving towards economic freedom. Companies freely competed at home and in world markets, supported by various levels of government and under various forms of worker ownership.

A new mode of production had emerged: workers were participating and sharing in improvement in a work culture of trust and cooperation that released their cognitive power a culture necessary in Information Age industries. Profit sharing, ownership plans, pension, and 401 (k) savings now made the worker a major source of capital, presumably ending the long domination by privileged capital. The European Union used economic freedom to unite people in common purpose and stop killing millions of their young men in stupid wars.

American government dedication to this opportunity was prevented by grid lock. On one side is ultra-capitalism that treats the worker as a disposable commodity and finance capitalism that dominates the economy instead of supporting it. On the other side is collectivism that seeks solutions in government redistribution while ignoring economic reform. Democratic capitalism uses the productive capacities of capitalism in a more participative way. These are the citizens’ choices.

Ray CareyRay Carey

Ray Carey learned through managing companies for 33 years how to change the work culture to provide employees with their best opportunities to develop and contribute. This experience began as a 28 year old plant manager and later president of an electric motor company, and concluded with eighteen years as president , chairman, and CEO of ADT, Inc.

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Democratic Capitalism, The Way to a World of Peace and Plenty.

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